H2K Infosys, LLC is one of the largest IT training providers located in Atlanta, Georgia, and the USA. We offer on-line Instructor-led live and on-site instruction for individuals and companies on emerging IT technologies. Our Trainers are certified and accomplished practitioners who are experts in the area and who are enthusiastic about teaching. 

Our training program trains applicants with appropriate information and skills to attend interviews comfortably, to gain results at the workplace, and to acquire credential expertise.

We provide world-class software training and job placement assistance. We are an E-VERIFY business, which provides job oriented instructions, along with real-time project work to gain hands-on experience, a cloud test lab to practice in software tools, and resume preparation and resume review  

Main aspects of their curriculum of Selenium Certification training

Real-time ventures to give you real-world experience. We provide field knowledge in the banking, healthcare, technology, and retail sectors. 

Access to Cloud Labs for the practice of computing resources. We also provide help for the implementation of software from the Engineering Staff.

We provide grade supplies and filmed videos for a full learning experience, along with daily/ weekly assignments for a detailed understanding of the subject. 

We provide mock interview sessions to train you positively for an interview, along with resume construction and preparation for interviews. We also provide support in the work placement offers. 

We offer a one time pay and lifetime of admission to the enrolled course. Courses are offered along with a flexible schedule, that is, weekday and weekend courses at various times in the morning, midday and evening. Analysis of resume after completion of the course.

The Requirement for Selenium Training  

Selenium is a type of framework that was developed in Java, where framework refers to something that has all the features to handle a web application. In this day, every customer and product in the world has a web application or a mobile application, that is, a mandatory user interface. Before an application is deployed to the customer, the company needs to test whether the application is working fine. Currently, the application is not simple Java or HTML script, most of the applications are dynamic or complex HTML 5, which is why it is not straight forward. Therefore testing an application with multiple users and multiple data needs a lot of time. This is why we prefer to go with Automation testing. Selenium is nothing but to automate the web application, and hence using the attributes of selenium, we automate the web application.     

About the Selenium Certification Training Course.

H2K Infosys offers training that is very fun, educative, and informative even for individuals without any prior IT knowledge. their extensive 40+ hours of Selenium Online Training cover both basic and advanced topics to assist you in becoming an expert Selenium Test Automation Engineer. By joining our Selenium online training, you’ll be proficient in Webdrive, Selenium IDE, device, and Grid. You will even be learning Build Tools (Maven), Continuous Integration Tools (Jenkins), and Repository Tools (GitHub) which also help in learning DevOps. Latest frameworks like Page-Pattern and Cucumber frameworks. 

We provide the user with assignments, training material, selenium tutorials, and recorded videos for an overall learning experience.

Their instructors are working professionals who offer a composite view of knowledge and examples, and are the most effective in their field. 

Who is this course for?

Selenium certification is for Students or Non- IT newcomers who wish to launch a career in the IT industry as a Selenium Automation Engineer.

It works as an aid for programmers who have the added responsibility of running tests. If the user then is planning on switching careers from Manual Testing to Automation Testing. 

Quality Analyst who needs formal training to be proficient can add this as a notch on their belt to help them stand out from the competition. It is also useful if you do not have a technical degree and you would like to start a successful career in IT.

If you want to extend your Disposable Income Potential, opting for a Selenium Training Course and refining said skills, is one way to go, and it is a good option at that. The typical salary for a Selenium Automation Engineer is $58 K to $111 K. The National Average within the U. S. is around $81 K per annum. 

What does a Selenium Test Automation Engineer do?

The Test Automation Engineer designs, builds, tests, and deploy effective test automation solutions. The Selenium Test Automation Engineer generates test cases using Selenium, enhances the test cases, debugs test cases, and does defect tracking and reporting. 

Selenium Certification Online Course highlights

 Their Selenium Courses are meant to create a level of proficiency in Selenium. They provide instructor-led live online classes.

In Selenium WebDriver online course, you will learn what is Automation Testing and therefore the need for Automation Testing.

You will be introduced to the four categories of Selenium (IDE, RC, Grid, and WebDriver). Their experienced faculties will tell you about elements, defining the elements by the name, firebug, IE developer tools, XPath, CSS, etc.

You can study Selenium IDE principles, commands, writing test cases in WebDriver, working on Eclipse, Java Programming language, writing code in WebDriver, Junit processes, and Automation characteristics.

You’ll have an overview of construct tools (Maven), Continuous Integration tools (Jenkins) repository tools (GitHub), and application concepts. 

Their Technical Team can help you install tools like Eclipse, IDE, Firebug, Jenkins, GitHub, Maven, etc. These resources also help to learn about DevOps.

Students should pick a web application, plan scenarios, and create a page- pattern (hybrid) framework.  They are also selling Ruby cucumber- framework. 

Cloud Test Lab to practice tech tools to obtain hands-on experience. Students would have lifetime access to Selenium Course, Educational Content, and Archived Videos. 

They offer advice on the scheduling and preparation for interviews and resumes. They offer unlimited mock interview sessions to build confidence. Convenient class timings for weekday evenings and weekends makes it easy to fit in a little bit of learning in your day-to-day. Their Demo Sessions are completely free for you to determine before you participate in their Selenium Certification Online Course.