Are you bored at home during the pandemic with nothing but time on your hands? If you’re tired of spending vast amounts of your time on social media or sleeping in the middle of the day, its best to start using your time more efficiently by investing your time and energy into a new venture. It could be anything, from a hobby for your passions, to a course for forwarding your career. If you’re looking for such a course that can advance your career and give you an increased salary then, a professional business analyst certification course is the right fit for you

Why should you do a business analyst certification?

Thomas Edison and Nikola Tesla were born in such a time when there was no electricity, but laws around electromagnetism and currents were being discovered at a rapid pace. Soon with their ideas and innovation, they were able to light up the entire world. When we didn’t have planes that could fly in our control like we do today, we had planes that could fly for a few minutes controlled by the wind. There was a big race about who would first achieve controlled manned flight and The Wright Brothers were the first to conquer that mountain. Similarly, Steve Jobs and Bill Gates were born and lived in an age, which saw the advent of computers and the internet. In such a world, they were able to build technological empires and lead the industry in innovation for years. All these names that I have mentioned were all in the right place at the right time in order to create the great things that they created to change history as we know it. It is popularly said that Artificial Intelligence is going to have a much larger effect on the world than the internet, and, that makes it the perfect time for anyone today to learn machine learning. 

Why is data a Business Analyst’s best friend?

Well, the role of a business analyst in any company is to understand and analyze the demands of the client. After having a firm understanding of the client’s requirements, a business analyst would work along with the IT team to make sure the demands of the clients are heard and changes made. They form a bridge between the stakeholders and the IT team. They work along with the IT team in order to implement complex machine learning algorithms to find patterns in the data. These algorithms use data from the past, in order to train their weights and make predictions. It can also be used for classification of data. The more the data the better the algorithm works. Now back in the day we didn’t have an easy method to collect data. Even storing data was really expensive. So most of these algorithms never really worked very well and were forgotten about.

However, skip forward to the 21st century and we have computers everything that is constantly collecting our data. Our smartphones contain every bit of information about us and know us better than our best friend knows us. We have satellites and GPS that are always tracking our location. Whereas our internet cookies and history are constantly being collected and stored. The size of a memory card kept getting smaller and smaller, while its ability to store data only kept on increasing. Today it is also relatively cheaper to store large amounts of data. All these advances have caused a huge surge in the data available for the machine learning algorithms to learn from by training itself over it. 

So, it has only been now that we are able to see and observe how powerful these algorithms are. Businesses today, generate a large amount of data on a daily basis. The amount of data produced is so massive that it is impossible for a human to look at it and make sense out of it. So we use machine learning algorithms that can help us find patterns and trends in our data, which can help us in increasing our revenue by making data-driven decisions. These algorithms are very complex and require years of training in interdisciplinary fields, in order to be skilled enough to understand it. Business Analysts work closely with data scientists and then convey the findings to the stakeholders. Since it is a highly in-demand job with a lack of skilled prospects, working as a business analyst will pay you huge amounts of money if you’re good at it.

What kind of salary can a business analyst certification online course offer you?

Since these jobs are in huge demand as businesses and data keep growing, one can expect a very lucrative salary, if one possesses a business analyst certification. Your salary can depend on a lot of factors like your experience, where you live and which company you work for. If you’re just a fresher, depending upon your company you can earn something between $75,000 – $76,000. On the other hand, if you’re a more experienced data scientist, you can expect a huge salary of around $80,000. Highly experienced data scientists, with 10 plus years of experience, can even earn an annual package of $88,000.

All of the prices are inclusive of bonus, tips and overtime pay. In order to get a high-level job, a simple bachelors degree won’t do, it would be expected of you to hold a Masters degree in Business Analytics or Artificial Intelligence.  Depending upon your location the pay scale also tends to change, for example in the US, West Virginia is the state in which employees earn 56 % more than the national average and after West Virginia, we have the state of Indiana which pays employees 18% more than the national average. Whereas states like Vermont, New Hampshire are offering a salary pack that is lower than the national average by 26% and 25% respectively.

There is most definitely not a better time to get into the field of Artificial Intelligence and Python Data Science. All in all, the business analyst job was named the sexiest job of the 21st century by Harvard and it doesn’t look like that trend is going to be dying out any soon, so taking up a professional business analyst certification course will only help you to score a job.