Getting into programming as a fresher can be very challenging since there are plenty of people who hold degrees in engineering and you may be intimidated but it is never too late to start. You can always join a java certification class if you want to become a programmer in the future. Now there are quite a few amounts of languages one can begin to learn to code in, however, java is one of the most staple languages for a beginner coder. 

Choosing a language also depends upon what field of programming would you like to get into. If you want to get into developing websites, then the best option for you is, to begin with, HTML. Using only HTML one can build basic static websites so you will need to learn more complex languages like JavaScript and CSS to improve your websites. Java is also used extensively while building web applications. On the other hand, if you want to get into Machine learning and Artificial intelligence then starting with python is the right choice. There is also a lot of demand for python developers these days. 

So, why Java certification training then?

In this world where everything runs on computers, learning how to code is a basic skill, as basic as learning how to ride a bicycle. In such a world where we use java in almost every single device, the demand for java is forever on the rise. Experts estimate that between the years 2016 and 2020 the demand for java developers will be increasing by 24%, which makes it a very lucrative job market. For other occupations, the growth rate has a lot more smoother curve. Java is also a dynamic, living language, by which I mean that it is an ever-changing language. There are constant updates being made to the language and new functionalities are forever going to be added. It is impossible to learn Java completely no matter how long you spend on it, it is so vast. Since there are always new things to learn, the demand for Java doesn’t seem to be slowing down with time.

Should you choose an online or offline course?

Well, there are plenty of Java certification classes that one can choose from. They could be online or offline. Both have their own perks and downfalls. We will go through both the methods of training.


Firstly, there has been a huge surge in online classes as well as the quality of online classes in recent years due to the availability of the internet everywhere and the development of technology. World-renowned teachers working in the biggest companies in the world, get together to create online classes. They will be teaching from their own industry experience which is invaluable. Online classes are also a lot cheaper than offline training, so it is also easy on the wallet. An excellent online class can range from anywhere between $50 to $150  however Offline classes training can go up to hundreds of dollars. There are plenty of free online classes as well, on Coursera one can sit for any course for free, simply only by registering. The only thing a student would miss out on is examinations.

If you are highly self-motivated than choosing online classes is definitely the way to go because you can go at your own pace. In an offline class, there is one teacher and many students and you will have to follow the structure of the course, however, in online classes, you can choose and skip the lecture that you want to attend. This will help you finish the course a lot faster. Also, given how the world is facing the threat of a huge pandemic right now, it is necessary to take precautions and stay at home, so that reason as well, until a vaccine is found, online java certification classes are the best way to go ahead. 


Let us also talk about the pros of taking an offline class. So the main difference would be that you would have a personal teacher with whom you could meet and clear your doubts. You would have a guiding hand who could mentor you in your struggles as a developer. You would also have a community where you could help each other. Sitting in a room with many people who are learning the same subject creates a sense of competition in our heads. That competitive edge can fuel your drive and make you a better programmer. Also having an instructor is a personalized experience. A huge pro of offline classes is practical lectures. During a practical session, you will be sent to a lab and asked to code. This is a great learning experience rather than just sitting and listening to lectures. But however, unfortunately, due to the pandemic, offline classes are not happening right now so online classes are the best way to go ahead learning Java.

When looking for an online class, here are some of the modules you should keep in mind. Make sure to look for CORE Java in its first module. In CORE Java, you will learn the basics of programming which include learning how to create variables, functions. You will also learn how to create loops and what’s its use in a program. Java is an object-oriented language, so you will also learn all about classes and objects. These concepts are used in every programming language so make sure to pay close attention to them because having strong foundations in Java will easily help you to branch out into other languages. 

The bottom line is that going for a java certification training program will help you in getting a high paying job as a software developer. You could get into developing mobile applications, computer applications, web applications or learn more and become a full stack developer. The potential of Java is limitless in the right hands and so it only makes sense for you to join a java certification class and enhance your skillset.