Quality Assurance in recent years has gained quite a lot of impetus due to consumer behaviour. Consumers in the 21st century have gotten more and more conscious about the products that they buy. Rather than being concerned only by the quality of the finished product, consumers also care about how ethically and efficiently the resources have been sourced and used. For example, fast fashion clothing companies like GAP, ZARA etc came under huge criticism when the news broke out of how horribly they treat their employees. In recent time, customers also care about whether the product was made from sustainable resources. The power a customer holds has given rise to a huge section in the manufacturing process which is known as Quality Assurance Testing.

Quality Assurance, also known as QA, is when a company promises that the quality of the product is up to the mark and that there will be no faults within it. This means that the company will take every step possible to manufacture products and deliver them with complete customer satisfaction. 

What is the job market like for a QA professional?

There is a huge Job market for such professionals with a really high salary pay. When it comes to what a QA tester does, well, once software has been developed it is his responsibility to look for bugs and errors within the software. A huge part of making a successful software is having a really simple and interactive User Interface. If the software is good and the User Interface is bad then people won’t be happy with the product and consumer satisfaction will decrease, so it is also the responsibility of the QA software tester to ensure that the User Interface is simple enough, yet modern and appealing to the eyes, for the customers.

During the pandemic, every industry suffered huge losses besides the IT industry and given the rate at which technology is developing, the job market and opportunities that will be available would increase in the coming years. It is outperforming most of the other industry in terms of growth as it exhibits a 5% – 7% growth every year. With such conditions, going for a QA training course would be an extremely rewarding and promising career path for you. You will experience the bliss of job security and wonderful job growth. The money that you would make after going through a QA training course would also be very lucrative. On average, QA software testers make $56k – $86k in a year which can vary from the number of years of experience and performance of an individual and company. One can also find huge job satisfaction as a QA tester, Forbes magazine named Quality Assurance engineers as one of the happiest jobs out there. Given all this information, if you don’t hold a degree in Computer Science, you need not worry. You can still start your journey as a QA software tester by doing a QA training course and that would be the best way to go forward. It would mean that you are certified by an institution and employers would be more likely to hire you.

So, what pre-requisites should one have in order to do this course?

If you wanted to become a software developer and make a mobile application or a website developer and make websites, then you would need to have a bachelors degree in the Computer Science in order to be hired by a company, which is 3-4 years of intense studying. On the other hand, QA is not completely related to programming and making applications. Quality assurance is more focused on the process of making an application than it is about the final product. All this makes QA independent of other domains in the IT industry, so you don’t need a 3-year degree in order to get hired. Even if you don’t have a background in IT you can still become a QA testing profession by simply taking a QA training course. You can take a QA training course online or you could google ‘QA training near me’ and find out places near your house where you can find quality assurance course. When looking for courses it is important to see that it is QA training and placement, which will ensure that you will get a job after your course gets over. 

So, the best part about it is that there are literally no pre-requisites for the course. All you need to have are basic computer skills, which everyone has in the 21st century, so don’t get overwhelmed because you’re afraid of coding. As long as you’re dedicated enough to put in the time and effort to complete the course, you will be eligible for a career as a professional software tester.

Looking at the quality assurance course at H2K Infosys

The course at H2k Infosys is one of the best courses out there for you. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have any experience since this is a starter course. The main highlight of the course is that it is providing complete QA training and placement. This course is not only aimed at individuals but also towards corporate companies. H2k Infosys provides not only online but also onsite training to its customers. Testing is divided into two parts- manual and automated. This course gives you a brief introduction into both the forms of testing throughout its highly comprehensive and inclusive modules. There is a lot of practical training that takes place during the course as well as it integrates real-time projects during the classwork with the help of its cloud test lab, an online environment where its students can run code. The faculty that is teaching these courses are also highly trained professionals. H2k Infosys is a reputable company who also provides mock interviews after you finish your course. These mock interviews help in preparing you for the job interviews.

After this course, you should be ready to start your career as a professional software Quality Assurance tester.